About the Blog

I’ve been quietly blogging for several years now. It all started with a degree requirement to keep an online ‘learning log’ for photography. I started Epic Compendium because I  wanted a place to collect various posts and photos in one place, somewhere I would have the flexibility of writing about all sorts of things that I care about. I’ve got rough categories at the moment (April 2019) so bear with me as I gradually add to them. I have a lot of interests and I could spend all my days writing, so it will fill out eventually.

About Me

I live in Dorset, England, with my family. I moved from London about 15 years ago, so I still consider myself a Londoner and I visit frequently. If this were a proper lifestyle blog I would now tell you about my wonderful home. However, I am mulling over new design ideas for the house I have lived in for 15 years and so although I do love my house, it’s a bit of a mess after several years of neglect on my part. The process of restoring it to its former glory will be captured on the blog.

I’m in my 40s now and I feel better about myself than I’ve ever done. I have moments when I realise I am ageing, but I try to keep a sense of humour about it all, to see the positive sides of the process, and to make art about it. When I can’t do that I’m happy to go and get botox and a new outfit. I have no plans to grow old gracefully.

I have three children: my daughter is a graphic designer, my eldest son is in his final GCSE year and wants to study physics at Cambridge, and my youngest son makes films and wants to be a film director. My partner is a business psychologist and author with great sense of humour and a bad tea habit. I hope to add a small dog to the family as soon as I have made the garden escape proof, perhaps a few chickens too.

I am constantly learning new things. Last year my focus was on horse-riding, archery, art and bookbinding. This year I am experimenting with painting again, as well as pushing my photographic skills further by exploring portraiture and the use of artificial light, both things I have tended to avoid until now.

As well as an online presence I’m lucky enough to have a small physical shop / gallery. This sells my photographic and art prints and I am planning on adding handmade books and photo albums. Last year I taught some photography and I had been teaching before I started the photography degree, so I hope to add courses both in person and online soon. (I will put the link here later, but you can use the contact form if you’d like to know more).


A portrait by my daughter